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Watch that Trolley!




Kiss tips for your next shopping trip: -


*   NEVER go supermarket shopping on an empty stomach!

Food shopping whilst you’re hungry is like trying to lose weight working in a chocolate factory.  You’re going to be super tempted and will power only goes a short way.  ALWAYS eat before doing your grocery run.  That way you wont feel like filling your trolley with sugary snacks and un-healthy processed foods.


*   Be prepared!

Plan your meals for the next couple of days in advance.  Knowing what you will be eating gives you something to look forward to and lets you see that you’re getting enough nutrients and vitamins from your food.


*   Make a list!

Have your shopping list made out before you go… don’t forget to take it off the fridge, and DON’T stray from it either.  A list will ensure that you don’t forget anything and you wont have to substitute your planned meals with something un-healthy.


*   Go food shopping ALONE!

You are less likely to be swayed into buying products that are not on your list or that you hadn’t intended purchasing.  It’s easy to be talked into something when your children are tormenting you. Have an agreement with a friend to take turns minding each other’s children on shopping trips.


*   Watch that trolley!

The bulk of your ‘food’ should be from the fresh fruit and vegetable section. If your trolley doesn’t look as if about 80% of it is from those aisles, you’re over buying on processed packaged foods. (Of course, I’m referring to the normal weekly shop and not a one off session that’s catering for a party or something).


*   Buy right!

Where possible buy local, in-season and preferably organic.  I know so many people who specifically shop for their fruits and veggie’s from farmers markets or the friendly local green grocer – and not conventional supermarkets. These are perfect outlets for buying seasonal, locally grown foods and are usually organic.  I would highly recommend that you have a poke around and find your nearest one.  Independent grocers and supermarkets are another great source of good quality fruits and vegetables too. Apart from the fact that they are usually cheaper due to smaller over-heads, the produce is so much fresher and tastier.

*Lidl and Aldi do a small selection of organic fruits & vegetables – well worth checking out.



*   DONT buy it!

If you don’t want to be tempted by it when you’re sitting watching TV or on the computer…DONT buy it.  If it’s not sitting in the kitchen press calling your name then you can’t eat it – simple!


K.I.S.S. says keep that trolley as wholesome as possible!





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