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…. Could there be more than a grain of truth in the title?

White bread had been manufactured from ‘refined’ flour.  The process of refinement means that the grain is stripped of its fiber and bran along with all of its other nutrients.  By the time it gets to you in a bright pretty wax coated paper wrapping, it is completely de-natured, well, except for the 5 or so artificial ones that are put back in at the end.  What I mean by de-natured is that it’s nutritional value has all but been removed.  It’s then bleached to make it lovely and white and some gluten and yeast thrown in to make it rise to perfection.  To stabilize it and make it taste somewhat edible, salt sugar and starch are added.  Sounds delicious!

On a dietary note, you are filling yourself with a white refined carbohydrate, which will bloat your stomach, throw your blood sugar into chaos, slow down your metabolism and add even more toxic waste to your already over-burdened body.  On a health note, the lack of dietary fiber will ensure an anaesthetized bowel, IBS, acid reflux, raised levels of cholesterol and an insulin release to try to balance out your sugar rush.

If that hasn’t convinced you…maybe this will.  Alloxan is used in the refining process to ensure the bread stays white and inviting looking.  This chemical will destroy the beta cells in your pancreas and add a greater risk of you becoming a diabetic. It’s well documented that scientists inject laboratory rats with alloxan to induce type 2 diabetes in order to perform research on them.  Check it out for yourself!

This doesn’t mean that just white bread should be avoided, but ALL white flour products.  And don’t be fooled by labels on breads declaring ‘multi grains’ either.  Whilst the food companies aren’t telling lies, these breads may contain several grains, but they are still refined and therefore de-natured.  The word you’re looking for is WHOLE.  Whole wheat, whole grain or whole meal etc.



The whiter the bread – the quicker you’re dead!

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