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The truth about Dairy….


I think it’s very important to remember the true purpose of cows’ milk …. IT’S FOR CALVES!  That’s right; cows milk is for their babies, not for humans.  Human milk is for human babies, cats’ milk is for kittens, dogs’ milk is for puppies etc etc – are you getting the picture?  We are the ONLY mammal’s that drink another mammal’s milk.

A 200Ib calf will eventually grow to become a 2000lb cow (give or take a few pounds) thanks to its mothers’ milk and some good grass.  Please note: it will not require milk from a goat, sheep or horse in order to nourish and help it mature into a strong healthy fully formed cow.  Like all animals it suckles from its mother until weaning and then eats what was intended for it.  Humans on the other hand, drink milk from birth; either mothers’ or a manufactured source, until we reach the age when cows take over…. FOREVER. We’re NEVER weaned from it!  The fear instilled in us  (through the multi million pound corporations) of weakened bones, decaying teeth and stunted growth has ensured that we continue to take the white stuff.

But it’s healthy right?  It’s well documented that milk and dairy products are linked to some of the worst diseases known to mankind, this mucus forming, difficult to digest, acidic curdling liquid is the reason for excess weight, permanent slimy mucous in your throat as well as a host of other problems.  Milk coats the mucus membranes, forcing everything to slow down and use up vital energy in order to digest it. Casein, a substance found in cows’ milk, is for the growth of their huge bones; these thick dense curds place a massive burden on the human body.  Translated, this equals lethargy, toxic waste, acid indigestion etc etc.  And if that hasn’t convinced you, Casein is found in the strongest woodworking glues…Yummy!  And this is what we have been raised to believe is a so-called ‘health’ product.  Yet brittle bone disease and osteoporosis is more prevalent today than it ever was.  Doesn’t make sense does it?

But what about ‘calcium’?


How about kale, broccoli, kelp, cabbage, spinach, nuts, seeds, sea vegetables, romaine lettuce, rhubarb, sesame seeds, oranges, asparagus, sprouts, fresh fruits, green beans, garlic, fennel, figs, dates and almonds.  These are calcium rich foods that the human digestive system can absorb and utilize.

Let your own body be the judge, it is your greatest teacher!  Stop taking dairy in your diet for 2 weeks and see how you feel.



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