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Sugar and spice and all things nice….

…. but do you know how highly addictive it is?  In its natural form, sugarcane is harmless, but white sugar, the stuff that’s gone through the process of refinement and that ends up in your sugar bowl, is NOT. When we strip it of all its nutrients, vitamins and minerals it becomes what some experts go so far as to call ‘poison’ or the ‘modern day cocaine’!

When ingested into the body it bypasses the usual route of digestion and heads straight through the gut wall and into the bloodstream with a bang. The ‘not so’ good news is that your pH balance has now been altered and is frantically trying to sort out the problem. It does this by releasing the hormone insulin which will level out your now very high blood sugar causing it to come crashing down.  Ever felt that sudden rush (typically it’s a feeling of nausea) after you’ve eaten something sugary… that’s the insulin hitting your bloodstream.  When you feel the effects of your blood sugars taking a downward turn thanks to the insulin, the one thing that you’re going to crave is exactly the thing that gave you the rush in the first place – sugar.

Sadly, white refined sugar is used in so many products, some that we know about and some that we don’t know about.  The next time you’re about to put some commercial salad dressing in your trolley thinking that you’re being healthy, think again. Here are some other products containing sugar – the obvious ones - fizzy drinks, alcohol, cakes, sweets, chocolates etc, but it’s also found in breads, cereals, ice creams, yoghurts, fruit juices and even condiments like tomato ketchup.  In fact, it’s found in so many processed food products it’s probably easier for me to list the stuff it’s not in rather than the other way around.  Check out the ingredients on the packaging yourself the next time your shopping, you’ll be surprised at how much sugar is in every day products that are a part of your daily diet at the moment.

For the record sugar comes in many guises…. dextrose, brown sugar, confectioner’s sugar, high fructose corn syrup, dextrin, invert sugar, raw sugar, beet sugar, cane sugar, corn sweeteners, evaporated cane juice and malt.

Sugar is cheap, readily available and more than acceptable to the western taste bud, however, white refined sugar is useless!!  It contains nothing that your body wants or needs to be healthy, it’s empty, vitamin-less and nutritionally lacking.  The more of this stuff you eat, the more your poor body has to work to stabilize you, the more insulin that’s produced means you’re robbing your supplies which will not only keep you a prisoner in your body but will cause endless suffering and probably lead to diabetes.

Sugar is fat free?  That’s correct it is.  And the low fat/fat free food producers absolutely love to use that piece of information on the labels of their products.  The fact that it causes utter mayhem when it hits your insides doesn’t seem to bother these multi million pound/dollar industries.  They know they’ll have you hooked in no time (they’d be out of business otherwise) and that’s all they care about.

If you’re not convinced - ask yourselves this… why have we got an epidemic of overweight & obese people if the fat free/low fat food industries are going to ‘cure’ all our weight problems?  Read that again and again until it sinks in.  If all you needed was willpower to stay away from the sweet stuff, how come it’s so difficult?

White refined sugar is mucous forming in the body, it is the reason that you may eventually become inflamed or diabetic or arthritic or acidic etc. There are a host of reasons to either give your body a break and kick the habit or at least limit your sugar intake to as little as possible.


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