Your Health in Your Hands

The growing demands for alternative therapies is fast increasing - and for very valid reasons.



1. Safety – no harmful chemicals


2. More effective – you are working with Mother Nature


3. Less invasive


4. Addresses the underlying cause – not just the symptoms


5. Allows the body (with the right circumstances) to heal itself





How can we help you?




Weight issues – As obesity remains a serious problem worldwide, the media has fixated on it .  Sadly the ‘diet industry’ is largely to blame and there are many myths and mis-information out there.  It has been proven several times over that diets don’t work  - which leaves little comfort for those constantly looking for an answer.  Losing weight is about making better lifestyle choices, not counting calories or deprivation. At Natures Cures we can help you every step of the way.

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Vitalist Nutrition – Vitalistic nutrition is the theory or belief that plant based and living foods are essential for optimum health.  This is particularly important for someone suffering from a condition or disease that mainstream medicine has failed to cure, or to bring about better health post illness.


Living Foods Demonstrations - Raw food living is the belief that foods eaten un-cooked or unprocessed ensure optimal health and vitality.  The natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals contained in raw foods are destroyed by heat placing a heavy burden on the body. Cooking diminishes the life force of food!

 Raw foods in the diet have tremendous health benefits:



 *Energy levels will rise significantly

*Natural weight loss

*Restful sleeping - without the morning food ‘hangover’

*Increased mental clarity – for longer periods of time

*A feeling of lightness in the body

*Improved bowel movements leading to a healthier colon

*Fewer toxins in the body

*Raw foods provide protection for the immune system

*Look and feel alive, vibrant and glowing!

Would you like to know more about raw foods in your diet?


Private consultation fee -  € 80.00

Follow up fee - € 50.00


Intolerance Testing – Fitzwilliam Food Test provide an in-depth intolerance testing service which Natures Cures is associated with.  More details provided on request.


*For an appointment please see the contact page


93 Food Test - €255.00

40 Food Test - €135.00

Coeliac Testing - €80.00

Thyroid Autoantibody Test – €80

Candida Albicans Test - €80



Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity’   Hippocrates


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