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Shop bought salad dressings are another big disappointment, they’re usually full of salt, sugar and preservatives, unless found in a specialist deli type store where additives are kept to a minimum.  Sadly, most have a very strong taste of cheap vinegar or have no taste at all. In addition, they all tend to be expensive for the quantity and quality on offer.

Personally, I wouldn’t offend my taste buds or my pocket buying the stuff, especially when you can make your own for a fraction of the price and to your own taste.  All you need are some key ingredients and a glass jar with a lid. Homemade dressings are a fantastic way of getting some nutritious and delicious culinary herbs, spices and oils into you too! Natures very own medicine in a jam-jar….

Once you start making your own dressings, you’ll seldom buy or use anything else.

*Please see the ‘Recipes’ section for some easy and tasty homemade dressings.


Salad dressings

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