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Our decision to choose the products that ended up on our shelves was simple.  They had to be chemical free, ethically farmed, absolutely never tested on animals, preferably organic and 100% good for you.



    Supplements & Herbs

     Terra Nova

      Nature’s Plus


    A. Vogel




Natural Skin & Body care


   Bia Beauty

     Desert Essences

                Earth Mama Angel Baby


For the Little Bodies

Jack N Jill Tooth Products

      Range of kiddies supplements & Herbs

     Angel Baby




 Juicing machines,


Filter teapots,

Selection of cooking implements to help you create that tasty dish

Punc water bottles 



If you’re looking for a special little something to give a loved one then we may be able to help you.



Natures Cures have done the hard work and back-ground checks for you.  The companies that we deal with use only the highest quality produce and manufacturing standards.  We buy from ethically based companies that don’t test on animals or use harsh chemicals.  We don’t believe in compromising you on any level, which means you can shop with confidence, secure in the knowledge that you are buying the very best nature has to offer.


We have tasted, tested, sniffed, rubbed in and shared our findings in order to bring you our favorite products.


If, however, we have missed something that you would like us to start stocking…. then shout  If it passes our strict guidelines we will happily try to accommodate you.


Our Tea Bar – Pick & Mix your own selection of organic loose teas.  Pre-pick your bag size and work away.  You can choose either one or make your own concoction…it’s up to you.


In The pantry – Huge selection of dried foods, nut milks, oils, pulses, seeds, grains, crackers & snacks, vegetable crisps, salad dressings, pasta’s and pasta sauces etc.  Far too many products to mention here so come on in and have a browse.







Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity’   Hippocrates



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