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Pain in the…. Head?



Most people have had a headache at one time or another and are commonly associated with colds or flu, allergies, injuries, lack of sleep or having one too many cocktails the night before.

But chronic headaches are different!

They’re not typically a stand-alone condition, but rather a sign that something ‘not-so-good’ is brewing.

The problem is, the only advice usually given to chronic headache sufferers is to take pain relievers and see if they can identify any “triggers.”  But most times it’s hard to pinpoint triggers. And let’s not forget that long-term use of pain relievers can lead to dependence, decreased effectiveness, ulcers and worse.

Common causes of chronic headaches

There are actually a few culprits that can lead to chronic headaches or migraines.

They are:

1. Acid build-up

2. Excessive gluten

3. Dehydration

4. Acid waste build-up

Your body functions best when the proper chemical condition is maintained — that is, having a slightly more alkaline pH in your blood.  This is very much determined by diet and lifestyle.

But certain foods can upset this delicate balance and instead induce the wrong chemical condition in your body creating a state of acidity.

Acidity is the accumulation of acid (which is the by-product of your body’s digestion of foods and normal cell metabolism) in amounts greater than you can eliminate.

You are now equal to a backed-up toilet!

This is not something you necessarily feel going on inside of you…. at least initially.  Acid build-up is sneaky; it seeps out through your small intestine and is absorbed into your bloodstream. From there, anywhere in your body is fair game since your blood goes everywhere.

When acid settles in and around your joints, it’s called arthritis.

When it invades various tissues and muscles around your body, it’s called fibromyalgia.

When it attacks your skin it can become acne, rashes, eczema or psoriasis.

And when it flares up in your head, it’s called a chronic or migraine headache!

The wrath of gluten

Gluten is literally found everywhere. It’s in processed, prepared, packaged foods of all kinds. Sauces, baked goods, pastas, breads and even cosmetics and postage stamps!

Plus, the wheat harvested today contains almost double the gluten that the wheat of a mere 100 years ago had. And the problem with all of this is our bodies simply cannot handle so much gluten.

Gluten is a very difficult food molecule to digest. Since your body can’t effectively break it down, it damages the inner lining of your small intestine. This leads to digestive problems like gas, diarrhea and bloating.

And over time gluten inflammation can lead to malabsorption of nutrients, organ damage and irritation of tissues all through the body, including your head.  The double whammy with excessive gluten in the diet is the acidic waste it causes.


Your body is made up of approximately 70% water, your blood contains mostly water, and your muscles and brain contain water. It is vital, not only for good health but for survival to drink water.

Water is the reason you regulate temperature, feed oxygen to cells and flush waste from the body.  As water is eliminated mostly through urine and sweat, it is imperative that it is replaced daily.  When dehydration kicks in it creates all kinds of problems and one of those is pain, pain in the head, pain in the joints, pain in the bowel in the form of constipation etc.

The biggest problem

The biggest problem here is that if you live in modern industrialized countries and you eat the processed foods available in grocery stores, you are likely INUNDATED with both excess acid wastes AND gluten!  If all you drink are caffeine-injected beverages like tea and coffee or fizzy drinks, chances are you are dehydrated.

What you can do

Clearly, reducing the acid waste buildup (“backed up toilet”) in your body and avoiding gluten are essential to overcoming chronic headaches, as well as droves of other chronic, inflammatory conditions like these.  You must hydrate your body on a daily basis with good quality drinking water!

If your urine is dark yellow/gold coloured and has a very strong odour, you are in need of hydration – water!  If you struggle to drink it cold then drink it warm/hot with a slice of lemon…. it’s lovely and refreshing as well as warming on a cold day.

You don’t have to be a sufferer of headaches or be a prisoner to painkillers!!


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