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…. That garlic is one of the greatest healers you can put in your body?  The Chinese have known this for years and years and have even used it in teas and folk remedies.  It’s true; garlic contains some incredible properties that most people don’t know about. This little wonder food guards against bacterial and fungal infections and blood clots, can lower cholesterol and reduce blood pressure to name but a few.

Here’s the science bit – known as Allium sativum, there are more than 100 biologically useful chemicals including alliin, alliinase and diallyl sulfide.  It’s been used for over 3,000 years both medicinally and nutritionally and the American Medical Association has described in more than 1,000 scientific studies it’s therapeutic roles.  The benefits of garlic have been well documented over the years, as have its clinical trials.  One such trial was Milner’s in 1994, where he exposed lab rats to nitrosamines (chemical compounds).  Some of the rats were given large amounts of garlic powder in the diet.  Those rats had a 40 to 80% reduction of adducts in the liver.  He also reported in an article in Carcinogenesis that between 55 – 69% had fewer mammary gland adducts.

Garlic has also been given the title of natural antibiotic as well having antimicrobial properties against fungi, is an incredible immune booster, aids digestion and…wait for it… a libido enhancer!  So, what are you waiting for…?

Personally I love the smell and taste of raw and cooked garlic and find any excuse to lace it into food.  The best way to take it for optimal benefit is raw, squeezed or crushed in maybe a salad dressing or a small glass of juice.  If you can’t take it raw, then make sure to add it to cooked foods at the last minute so you don’t actually heat it too much.  For those who cant do either, buy a really good quality supplement and follow the instructions on the container.

As with anything, don’t overdo it unless you know your body can handle it.  Some people have an intolerance to garlic as it has such powerful properties, so take it easy initially.  Cooked whole cloves of garlic have little medicinal value but are milder on the tongue, so could be an easy way of breaking yourself in.

…. Bon appetite!


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